What to Do With Old Tires and Rims

If you’ve ever owned a car, you’ve been caught up in a dilemma of what to do with old tires and rims. And burning used tires in the yard is long forgotten.

We cruise along the roads, performing car tire burnouts. And if you are not a Need for Speed enthusiast, you participate a little in race tracks. That aside, even driving to work daily, the tires will eventually come to the end of life.

Well, you’ve just changed the tires, and the car has regained its traction. But you need to clear the mess from your home.

A study revealed that tires could slowly leach toxic substances to the environment. More so, if exposed to elements, they have long-term effects.

To make your home neat, acquaint yourself with brilliant ideas on what to do with old tires and rims.

What to Do With Old Tires and Rims
Scrap tires

What to Do With Old Tires and Rims

1. Take them to a Nearby Recycling Centre

Depending on their condition, a nearby recycling center can take your used tires and rims.

Some recycling centers may use the tires to make valuable items or resell them in bulk to make money.

On the rims, scrap metal dealers may use them for various purposes. Luckily, you may earn a little cash.

2. Sell them to Local Tire Shop

To clear the mess from home, you can contact a nearby tire shop. Some tire shops will pay if the tire meets certain conditions.

Used tires may attain the mileage without much wear. You may be lucky to get higher compensation.

3. Upcycle Your Tires and Rims

We all believe in purchasing new items from the shops. Or seeking welders’ services to make new items for our homes.

Breathe a sigh of relief now; I’ll walk you through simple do-it-yourself tasks that will save you money. You can make a wide variety of home items using old tires and rims. Take a look;

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4. A Tire Mirror Frame

Home mirrors are sometimes fragile with wooden or metallic frames. But a tire can make an appealing mirror frame to amaze your guests.

Cut along the tire tread to saw it into halves. Measure the tire diameter using a tape measure.

Cut circular plywood of a similar diameter to act as the mirror base. Then, visit the nearby mirror shop and get the exact diameter circular mirror. 

Set the plywood inside one half and lay some cartons or rubber base to support your mirror.

Then, set your mirror inside and secure the edges on the outer side with rubber seal strips.

Secure the rubber seal with screws and paint your mirror frame to match your room paint color.

5. Tire Garden Planters

Old tires can make amazing garden planters if you have a limited home compound. Arrange the tires in your desired pattern and fill them with enough soil.

You can use quality manure and water the soil to prepare it for the seedlings. You can plan to plant flowers or vegetables for home use on your garden planters.

6. Tire Subwoofers

A tire subwoofer can improve the audio bass in your car or home. Gather plywood, subwoofer, screwdriver, and saw.

Measure the tire rim diameter. Remember, you don’t have to cut your tire. All you need is to cut a circular piece of plywood, same as tire rim diameter, to install at the back of your subwoofer.

Closing the backside will reflect the sound waves from the back of the cone to the front. Use the screws to secure the back plywood and install the sub on the front part.

If you’re making a subwoofer for your car, choose a tire with a similar size to your spare wheel. This will be easier to install in the trunk without taking much space.

You can later paint your subwoofer with your desired color.

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7. A Rim Hose Hanger

If you’re having trouble with hoses obstructing your way at home, a rim hanger can save you. Secure the rim along the house wall. You can paint to give it a better look.

Hang your hoses on the rim hanger after use to create space in the house.

8. A Garden Rim Table and Tire stools

Take two rims and weld them together. Two rims will offer enough height for the table. On the other hand, attach a pair of tires for each stool.

To give a better look, paint the items with your desired color and install cushions on the tire stools.

For the garden table, you can get an appropriate piece of wood for the platform.

9. Tire Garden Stairs

Your home compound may be sloppy or slippery. Make platforms using a hoe and lay the tires ascending to your desired location.

Fill the tires with sand or gravel, and you have your best garden stairs. To make your home appealing, paint the tires to match other structures.

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10. Make a See-Saw for Your Kids

Cut the tires into halves and secure a long piece of wood with handles on each. If the half tire isn’t strong enough to handle the kids’ weight, add a metal bar at the center to offer additional support.

FAQs on Old Tires

Are Old Rims Worth Anything?

Your old rims can be worth more than scraps. Provident the rim is not severely bent or dented; you can earn some money from them.

Call a nearby tire shop or scrap metal dealer and make delivery arrangements. They may first inspect the metal quality and the condition of the rim.

Can I Do Anything With Old Tires?

Besides storing around the home compound, old tires can be upcycled to create excellent home items. You may choose to make garden stools, bike racks, coffee tables, and other valuable items.

Note that leaving tires without beneficial use may expose them to elements that cause toxic chemicals. If you intend to use a tire to make items, properly treat the material and paint it for safety.

How Much is a Rim Worth in Scrap Metal?

The cost varies depending on the dealer. With most dealers, you may sell a pound at 50 cents. For aluminum rims, the price can be higher. What to do with old tires and rims depends on your creativity.

Thankfully, you can save some money by making various home items. It’s just a do-it-yourself job. 

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