Our Review Process

Silver Service Cabs is website dedicated to those who want to learn about automotive. We don’t just focus on tips for maintaining your car. We also try to show you the ins and outs of using your car the right way so that it services you for longer.

Our content production team is one of the most diverse we’ve ever built. We spend time exploring nature, speaking with experts, testing products, and researching new ways to help you get the most out of your four-wheeler.

Editorial Guidelines

Silver Service Cabs has an in-house and freelance content team that ensures every article on our website fits the publication standards we’ve established. To ensure that we adhere to our content integrity, we spend hours, if not days, testing products, researching content ideas, and fact checking the information we collect from different sources. The approach allows us to stay true to our core values, which is to provide the very best content for the platform. 

Silver Service Cabs’ writers and editors have a good understanding of the areas they cover. We make certain that the independent contractors we recruit have the knowledge necessary to write content in a way that’s easy for our readers to understand.

We do not claim that every article on Silver Service Cabs is work done by experts. However, you can be sure that posts that appear on this site is work done by car enthusiasts who have decades of experience from which they draw knowledge and inspiration. Moreover, every writer in our team backs up any claim he or she makes with a high level of research to make the content more authoritative.

One thing that sets our process apart from other bloggers in our niche is that we combine hours of research with months of personal driving experience to bring our readers the most useful information in the niche.

Sources and Citations for Content Published on Silver Service Cab

Silver Service Cabs’ writing is based solely on scientific research, with no political slant. To reinforce this core value, we make sure to cite our sources whenever possible.

As an automotive blog, we understand that information available on car-related topics varies from source to source. As a result, our editorial process requires us to put greater focus on critically examining every reference such that the information we publish on Silver Service Cabs is up to date, reliable, and trustable.

We recognize the importance of punctuality. That is why we rely on trustworthy sources such as research universities and interview guides to support the claims and information from credible sources.

At Silver Service Cabs, we genuinely think that references are essential in our writing because it ensures the validity of the information we provide. It also helps to provide our readers with additional reliable sources of information.

Our Product Review Process

In addition to publishing DIY guides, automotive tips, and step-by-step tutorials, we also recommend products in some of our posts whenever necessary.

Here are the steps that we follow:

Step 1: Product Testing

Where we can, we buy the products with our money and bring them in-house for testing. In the case where we feel limited on funds, we connect with friends who have the products in question and, with their written consent, conduct in-depth product testing.

Step 2: Detailed Research

We take a step further and look for more information on the products. Our team will look at brand website, compare reviews on ecommerce sites like Walmart and Amazon, and even check online communities for more information on the product.

The research process is often long, but we end up collecting enough information that we can convert into high quality blog posts.

Step 3: Content Creation

We take the results in step 1 and 2 and put the information together in a way that makes sense. Our product recommendation will always reveal what like and what we think can be better about the product.

Content Updates

Every month, our content team goes through posts previously published on Silver Service Cabs and updates the pieces that we believe would be more comprehensive with additional up to date information.

Updating content is important to us for a reason.

The bottom line is that we want to remain as current and accurate as we possibly can. So the content you get on our website will always be up to date, well researched, and accurate.