How to Tie Skis to Roof Rack

You love taking long trips to the mountains for skiing. All right, you are my twin hobbyist. Can you recall the chunk of practice you did to master skiing? Well, today is another challenge, how to tie skis to roof rack.

Raise your hand once more if you face trouble carrying several skis to the mountain during skiing seasons. Thank heavens! By the end of this writing, you will learn how to put skis on top of car and drive comfortably.

Let’s face it;

Of all the sporting items, skis can be tiresome to handle. If you create some space inside the car, they will leak slush on the car carpet.

The only option is to carry them on the roof. See, you will create more room in the car if you plan to visit the mountain with your buddies. Secondly, you won’t slush the interior.

Let’s dive in and learn how to tie skis to the roof rack.

Can You Tie Skis on the Roof Rack?

Can You Tie Skis on the Roof Rack?

Tying skis on the roof rack isn’t recommendable for various reasons. First, skis are thin, hence liable to slipping from the roof.

Unfortunately, you may get some traffic tickets if they cause accidents.

A wiser step is purchasing a skis board carrier or a roof box. Else, create a room for your skis in the car, which may be difficult.

However, if you are tempted to throw your skis up there after the activity and secure them with cap straps, not a bad idea. But it isn’t much good, as stated earlier. That’s because strapping can damage the skis.

How to Tie Skis to Roof Rack Using Cam Buckle Straps

If you don’t mind your skis getting damaged by road grime and dust, you can secure them directly to the roof rack.

On the other hand, if you decide to secure them, Athletico ski bag will serve you better.

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Here is how to strap skis to the roof rack with a cam buckle strap;

  • Step 1: Set your roof rack cross rails apart in a way that they will hold the skis. Then, lock them properly to avoid slipping.
  • Step 2: Orientate the skis in line and set a pad between them to avoid scratching each other. Ideally, you can put them at the central part for the strap to secure firmly.
  • Step 3: Connect the cam buckle strap hook to the rack on each side and feed the strap through the buckle.
  • Step 4: Pull the strap using your hand until the strap passes over the skis.
  • Step 5: Tighten the strap carefully to create enough tension to secure the skis. However, don’t apply much pressure to avoid damaging them.

How to tie down skis can be unsuccessful if you don’t have a low-profile roof rack. That’s because the straps may not get hold of the skis properly.

However, schedule some stops to check if your skis are well secured.

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How to Secure Skis on the Roof Rack Using Other Methods
Skiing sport

How to Secure Skis on the Roof Rack Using Other Methods

Since the strapping method may be riskier, you can opt for these safer methods;

1.     Using Ski Board Carrier

A ski board carrier is the best choice if you don’t mind exposing them to road grime and weather. Luckily, you can attach up to around 8 pairs of skis on one carrier.

The item is of low profile, and it can take less storage space when not in use. You can choose DRSPORTS Aluminum Ski roof racks for your trips.

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To install the ski carrier, carry out the following procedure;

Step 1: Prepare your roof to position the ski roof rack at the center.

Step 2: Fasten your mounts on the crossbars at the marked positions. For effectiveness, confirm they are adjustable enough to snap into your desired place.

Step 3: Set the rack and adjust it for the holes to align.

Step 4: Slide the bolt through the holes. Then, open the skiboard carrier and remove the rubber at the central part to thread the wingnut.

Step 5: Fasten the rack and repeat the process on the second bar to set up the second rack carrier.

Place your skis on the carriers and lock them properly. The Carriers have rubber pads between the bars to avoid damaging the skis.

When loading, set the ski’s end facing forward to prevent the wind from catching up with the front tips.

However, if you are loading more pairs, position them one part across the carrier.

2.     Using Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes are more secure because you will lock your skis inside. As such, you won’t have to worry about thieves stealing them on the highway if you find traffic.

Secondly, the box protects them from weather and road grime. However, you should measure your ski length before purchasing the roof box.

I recommend Thule force rooftop cargo box for your sporting items. It’s designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs and hatchbacks.

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Just place your skis inside the box and lock it. If you suspect they may rub against each other, use ski bags.

Luckily, the box is spacious enough to hold the snow boots and other sporting items. But set them properly to avoid damages.

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Can You Put Skis in a Roof Basket?

Rooftop baskets are best for carrying skis and other sporting items. Luckily, they have enough length to hold the skis and other sporting items.

How Do You Secure Skis in a Truck Bed?

Clamp the top to prevent skis from bouncing out of the truck bed. Also, you can use bungee straps or cap buckle straps across the top instead.

What Can You Put on a Roof Rack?

Once the roof rack is installed on the car’s roof, you can carry a wide range of items like bike racks, winter sport racks, roof boxes, etc.

Which Way Should Skis Face on Ski Rack?

You should secure your skis with tails facing forward if you decide to use a ski board carrier. The method prevents the wind from catching the underneath tips.

Never worry about skis leaking rush on your car carpet if you love skiing. Practice tips on how to tie skis to roof rack and head for sporting like a pro.

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