How to Restore Car Floor Mats

Most cars have rubber or carpet floor mats, which can be hard to maintain. Sometimes, drivers swap the mats after they become dirty, which is expensive in the long run.

This makes learning how to restore car floor mats a top necessity to save money and prevent them from premature wear and tear.

Car floor mats can last long while maintaining their smartness if you know how to work around them. But again, muddy environments and snow can mess and corrode the rubber.

What can you do to clean the floor mats and ensure they look new for long? This article will loop you on how to restore car floor mats using simple techniques.

No matter the filth or fading, you will learn how to bring back their glamor.

How to Restore Car Floor Mats

How to remove stubborn stains from rubber car mats
car floor mat

Step 1: Starting off, clean the surface you will use to clean the carpet mats with water from a hose. This can be a concrete sidewalk or driveway in your compound. Ensure the area is free from loose soil and debris before laying the car carpet mats.

Step 2; After placing the mats on the concrete, soak them with water. You can also spray water with a powerful nozzle to clear away soil or mud.

Step 3: Next, spread a granule-based laundry detergent or wheel cleaner on the entire floor mat.

Step 4: Allow the cleaner to rest on the mats for some minutes. Scrub the top surface with a soft bristle brush, moving it in all directions to agitate the dirt.

Step 5: Turn to the back of the carpet mats and scrub them too. Don’t let the detergent dry off while you are still working. You can pour some water to maintain the dampness on the surfaces. Also, ensure you scrub into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 6: Pour water over the mat to clear the dirty soap. You can use a hose pressure washer to rinse the residue on mats well.

Confirm the effectiveness of your work. If the carpets are still dirty, repeat the cleaning process. Finally, let the carpet mats dry before fitting them in the car.

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How to remove stubborn stains from rubber car mats

One interesting fact about rubber car mats is their ability to withstand heavy soils. This means they can stand most soft washing detergents, unlike carpet mats.

That aside, if your rubber car mats have stains, pull them out of the car to make cleaning breezy. Then, apply a high alkaline concentrated car wash soap like M.A.X Power Car Wash. Pick a wheel brush and scrub the mats before rinsing. Suspend them on a cloth line to dry.

How to preserve rubber car mat color

Despite rubber car mats being tough, they can fade over time. They also can dry and crack, especially after prolonged UV exposure.

Don’t worry; you can shield UV rays with a Dash and Glass protectant or spray Meguiar on the windscreen. Alternatively, you can mist a microfiber cloth with the protectant and wipe it over the mats. Achieving this will preserve the mats’ color.

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How to prevent premature aging on rubber car mats

How you clean and dry rubber car mats determine how fast they will wear out. Ensure they are free from moisture before refitting them to your car floor.

Also, check their safety by sliding your feet on them while seated. If the surfaces feel slippery, wipe them again. Chances are that the rubber still has residues of the protectant or water.

How to clear creases out of carpet car mats

Some car owners lay rubber mats over the carpets to prevent mud and dirt from reaching the carpets. Old age and regular cleaning often distort the carpets’ shape, causing creases.

To clear out the creases, first, remove the carpets from the car and place them on a flat concrete surface. Run your palm over the creased surface and sprinkle some water over it.

Afterward, cover the carpet with a damp towel and pass a super-hot steam iron slowly. Repeat the process a few times to allow the heat to stretch the carpet.

If you live in a region with temperatures of over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can place the creased carpets in direct sunlight for several hours. Achieving this will allow the sun’s heat to remove the tension on the fabric naturally.

You can also get rid of the creases by placing a heavy object over the carpet for some time. Be sure to turn and brush it with a stiff brush to help release the tension on both sides.

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How do you remove road tar on car mats?

Wet a microfiber cloth with linseed oil and rub the tar residue until it comes off the mat.

How do you treat car mats?

Soak the mats in a degrease for about five minutes and wipe with Zaino Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss. Doing this will remove residues and restore the mats’ shine.

How to make rubber car floor mats shine?

Armor All protectant products are ideal for restoring the shine on rubber cat mats and preventing cracks.

Can I use alcohol to remove stubborn stains on car mats?

Alcohol is effective in getting rid of stickiness on rubber mats.

Can vinegar remove stubborn residue from rubber car floor mats?

In general, vinegar can remove stains on car mats but works better when combined with a degreaser.

Now that you know how to restore car floor mats, it is worthy to note that regular cleaning of rubber with harsh soaps is unwise. It shrinks the rubber, causing cracks, wear, and tear. A prudent way to ensure it lasts long is to clean it with mild detergents.

Also, refitting wet carpet or rubber mats back in the car can trigger mold, rust, and odor. More so, affirm they dry properly. 

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