How to Protect Car Paint from Fading

Lack of proper maintenance and knowledge on how to protect car paint from fading could be the top reason it looks duller. A mixture of different situations you run into while driving contributes to a lot of paintwork wear.

The good news is you can keep the paint glowing if you clean your car regularly.

Sun rays, acidic materials, and outdoor contaminants are the top causes of fading vehicles. They can corrode the paint, causing beyond repair damages. They can also peel off the paintwork and reduce a vehicle’s resale value.

Next are tweaks you can use to prevent car paint from fading.

How to Protect Car Paint from Fading

what causes car paint to fade
Car paint

What causes car paint to fade

Car paint is different from that used on walls. A primer sits under the actual paint to cover the surface of a vehicle. There is also another transparent topcoat that prevents fading and corrosion. The car can fade because of different reasons:

  • Sunlight:The UV rays and heat from the sun are profound reasons car paintwork fades. Theyreact with the paint, breaking itsadhesion properties.
  • Oxidation:It occurs when your car’s body interacts with the air. The oxygenreacts with the metal, causing oxidation, also known as rust, that eats away the paintwork.
  • Chemicals:Your car will encounter different annoying chemicals as you drive. More so, the substances may attach and fade the surface after you clean, depending on the washing soap you use.
  • Contaminants:Pollen, debris, and tree sap or leaves have different acidity levels. When they fall on the car surface, they can embed and fade the paint.
  • Bird droppings:Bird poop is not only an eyesore but can cause permanentstains on a car. They can peel the paint over time, leaving it to fade out.

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Stick to a washing schedule

Oxidation is a notable nightmare for cars in areas around the beach or oceans. The salty air reacts with heat to cause havoc on the metals if left uncleaned for long. Over time, it can cause minor cuts and expose the surface to oxidation and corrosion.

Also, carbon emissions end up on your paintwork, scarring the clear coat while on the highway.

Cleaning the car is a wise way to keep oxidation from occurring. But again, using the wrong soaps will only cause more fading and corrosion on the paint. It is prudent to wash your car with automotive shampoo.

If you lack time for a full-body cleaning, use a clean wet towel to rub and wipe off birds’ droppings or tree sap before they embed on the paint.

Hand-dry the car after washing

You may wonder why you should waste your precious time wiping the car by hand while you can use an air dryer. While an air dryer will make the work easier, it may leave water droplets seated on the paintwork.

The drops contain minerals that can create chalky dots on the car’s surface and degrade the paint faster after drying. Drying by hand ensures you attend to every compartment with precision.

how to stop red car paint from fading
Car painting

Wax the car regularly

Waxing is beneficial to uphold the paintwork. It is unnecessary to apply wax on the vehicleafter every cleaning exercise, but it will go a long way to prevent fading. Ideally, waxing removes contaminants and adds a protective layer over the car’s topcoat.

You may buff faded spots before applying the wax. Also, you can use a ceramic coating afterward.

This will block pollutants, UV rays, and salt from penetrating the car’s surface. It will also leave the color glowing and looking new while reducing the rate of oxidation.

Avoid products with abrasives

Some drivers assume that washing a car with abrasive material helps to get rid of stubborn stains. But again, abrasives act like sandpaper. They wear away the topcoat, exposing the paint.

An ideal car cleaning material should be soft. Microfiber towels or clothes are the best to use if you want your car paint to last longer.

More so, taking your car to local automatic cleaners won’t help prevent fading since most of them use abrasives.

Park in an enclosed area

An enclosed parking shields sun rays and environmental contaminants from reaching the car body. Nothing will beat parking a garage if you intend to leave the car unused for a long time.

If you don’t have an enclosed garage, you can go for a carport. Still, you can get an all-weather waterproof car cover to prevent exposing the paintwork to sun and contaminants after parking outside.

When parking in public places, find a shady spot. Avoid parking under trees since birds’ droppings and tree sap can get on the car surface.

Install a paint protection film

Covering your car surface with a paint protection film is an excellent way to prevent fading.

The film comes as a clear vinyl wrap made of urethane polymer. Depending on the material, it shields the car surface from oxidation and can last up to a decade.

To install it, clean the car surface and spray the film with the installation solution. Remove the backing on the film and lay and slide it on the bodywork.

Use a squeegee to apply pressure on the film. Achieving this will push out moist air and avoid creases.

Do darker cars fade more than brighter cars?

There is no scientific reference, but darker cars absorb more energetic wavelengths than brighter ones. This can occur more if the paintwork lacks a clear coating.

What can you do if the fading is terrible?

The best solution to restore a super faded car is to repaint the entire surface.

How long does a paint protective film last?

The lifespan of a paint protective film depends on the manufacturer’s warranty and how well you take care of it. Be sure to read the guidelines to know how long it will serve you.

Now you know how to protect the car from fading. You have also learned the causes and how to avoid them. Ensure you pick the recommendations and tips to help you restore your car’s glamor.

If you are unsure of the efficiency of any product, consult your mechanic before using it. This way, you will avoid wasting money and ruining the paintwork further.

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