How to Make Your Car Beep When You Lock It

How to Make Your Car Beep When You Lock It

Most vehicles today are designed with an anti-theft system and a panic button that sets off an alarm when you press it. It is the button usually written “Lock” on your remote.

If you find that your car does not beep anymore to let you know that it is locked, do not panic. Here is how to make your car beep when you lock it.

How to Make Your Car Beep When You Lock It

Step 1

Press your key fob on the “lock” button to check if your car will beep. Press multiple times in succession. In some cases, you have to double tap the button to produce the beep.

If the lights flash but the car does not honk, check if your chirp feature is disabled. However, not all models are equipped with this feature in their system.  

Step 2

Check the details of your car’s alarm system on your owner’s manual. If you can set the chirp feature on your model, enable the program using your key fob and then follow the directions in your manual.

Step 3

Consult your local dealership about the availability of the chirp feature for your particular car. If this feature was included, check whether it is self-programmable.

Some alarms allow you to program them yourself while others have to be activated by the dealership.

Step 4

Activate the audible chirp using your ignition key and keyless fob. Follow your manual for the correct process.

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Why Does My Car Not Beep When I Lock It?

The honk is an important part of the car. The car horn was created to alert others of your presence or approach, as well as to call attention to a certain hazard.

It warns you if you have left the vehicle running or left a door open. So why doesn’t your car beep when you lock it?

Push the horn switch to check if the horn is still working. If the remote is still able to lock the car, then you probably have a relay issue.

In most modern vehicles, electrical components are rarely wired directly from the device to the switch. They work through electrical relays.

There is a relay on the locking mechanism of your remote that connects to the horn relay that sets off your horn.

If both the horn and door locks are working well but the car does not honk when you lock it, it means that there is a short out or fault on the relay from the horn relay to the remote receiver.

The first car horn was basically a trumpet fitted with a rubber air bladder that you had to squeeze to produce sound.

When air was pumped through the metal tube, it generated a loud blast to announce an approaching vehicle.

Today, it is a requirement by law to have a horn in any automobile. It still serves to warn pedestrians and other motorists of an oncoming collision.

But people use it to “swear” and “cuss” at other drivers more often now. To really understand why your car beeps when you lock the door, it is important to know how a car horn works.

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How to Make Your Car Stop Beeping When the Doors Are Unlocked

During the colder seasons, it is common for people to leave their vehicles running during a short stop, in order to warm up the inside and keep the car from freezing.

In this case, the continuous honking and beeping of your car could be annoying to passersby and bystanders.

The horn on your car is set to honk by default every time you lock your doors using the remote fob. However, you can change this setting if you wish to.

On some newer models, the setting is incorporated onto the instrument panel or dashboard. Check your manual for the setting on your particular vehicle.

On most cars, you should be able to turn the honk on or off using the fob itself.

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  • To deactivate the beeping feature, press the lock and unlock buttons on your key fob simultaneously for two seconds. When the hazard lights flash 3 times, lock the car doors and confirm if the horn has stopped sounding.
  • To reactivate the beeping feature, press and hold the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for two seconds and wait for the hazard lights to flicker once. Confirm that the horn honks one time.

If your car horn won’t stop honking, you can identify the problem by determining which component has failed.

Different vehicles are wired differently, so you should always refer to your owner’s manual for the correct diagnostic procedure.

However, the process generally entails finding out if you are dealing with a broken horn switch or shorted relay.

To start, get a few basic tools such as a multimeter to test for power and ohmmeter to test for continuity when diagnosing your horn switch.

If you are lucky, your horn relay will be identical to another one from a different circuit, so that you can simply swap them and check if the horn will stop honking.

If the other relay works on the horn, then you can fix the problem by simply purchasing a new relay.

If you don’t have an identical relay available for testing purposes, the other option is to test the relay and the horn switch. Replace the relay if it has shorted internally.

If there is no sign of internal short on the relay, proceed to check for continuity between the wiring. To do this, start by identifying the two wires leading to the horn switch.

Now test for continuity between these two wires using your multimeter. The multimeter reading should change when you push the horn button; i.e. if the switch is working.

Note that some vehicles combine the airbag module with the horn switch.

If your car is designed this way, it is important to look up the right procedures for turning off the horn for that specific model or hire a qualified mechanic for the task.

You don’t want to accidentally set off your airbag as this can be really dangerous.

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FAQs on Car Locking

Why does my car produce a weird sound when I lock it?

A bad car horn can result from a corroded ground wire, broken wire, bum horn relay, a broken “clock spring” below the steering wheel, or a bad horn switch. Clean the ground connection of your horn and try bumping the horn again. If it still sounds weird, you need to replace it.

Why does my car keep beeping?

There are several reasons why your vehicle may be beeping. It could be because your passengers are not buckled in or that a door is not locked. If the hood, the truck, fuel door, and all doors are tightly sealed, then you may have a problem with your sensors.

Why does my door open light stay on?

The door open light typically indicates that a door is still open. Check whether one of your door switches is stuck in the “unlock” position; otherwise, it could mean that there is an electrical short in your anti-theft system or dome light.

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Cars today are designed with an alarm system that beeps and sometimes flashes a couple of times when you lock the vehicle with your remote/key fob.

If your car suddenly stops beeping when you lock the doors, you need to check if you have a problem with your anti-theft system.

If all the components are functioning properly, use the guidelines above on how to make your car beep when you lock it.

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