How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

You want your car music to sound outside as good and inside. Right; you’ll learn how to make subs louder outside the car.

You want a recognition you’ve spent much to equip your car with a sound system. Street credibility by sending bone-shaking music impacts to pedestrians. Or you want your college mates to crave a ride in your car. Thankfully, you can do it.

Many car subwoofers are designed with small dimensions. Considering the size of the car, it’s very right. A car isn’t as voluminous as your house or hostel room. Yet, they pump out clearly.

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The nature of a subwoofer is to have loud bass. But if you want your subwoofer heard miles away, there are simple tips to make it happen. Just the positioning of the subs can make a difference.

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How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car
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Tips on How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

You can make your existing subwoofers louder without buying an additional amplifier. Check out;

1. Set the Cones Facing the Car Roof

Airflow compromises bass-reflex effects on subwoofers. You should leave a clear space in front of the cone for your music to reach the streets.

The best way is to lay the enclosure flat on the back seat with cones facing the roof. Air will flow freely, and the music will reach further.

Ideally, you can fold the rear seats if you don’t have passengers. More space will make them even louder.

2. Use Multiple Subwoofers

If you have one subwoofer, you’re doing it wrong. Combined cone surface areas will push the air better.

Further, the more the rms and watts, the louder the bass. You can bridge the amplifier or lower ohm impendence on your speakers. You’ll create earth trembling tremors on streets. 

3. Have a Ported Subwoofer Box

A sealed enclosure will amplify the sound waves from the cones’ back with the front waves.

It will generate loud audio with the effects of someone blowing through a bottle. It’s usually loud.

Enclosures are usually cylindrical or rectangular. With either shape, it’s easy to install them around the car.

This flexibility will allow you to tune and set your subs to boom and produce maximum sound.

4. Turn Your Subs to Face the Trunk

Another option from facing the car roof is the trunk. The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength. And this is achieved by directing the cones to the back.

The bass is mostly well balanced because the trunk will amplify sound inside and balance the outside.

However, setting the subs facing the back seats is wrong. And keeping much cargo in the trunk isn’t right too. Neither of these will give you the best outcomes.

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5. Feed the Subwoofers With Enough Power

Subs are naturally power-hungry. They are designed for loud music and bass. You should be ready to supply them with enough power.

If they are underpowered, you may overwork the amplifier to make the music louder.

Check on your amplifier to avoid clipped signal to the subwoofer. It will be a mess.

6. Sound Deaden Your Car

We all believe sound deadening a car restricts sound from getting outside. But there are special ways you can do it to increase the sound from outside.

Frankly, a car has many internal components like the upholstery, toolboxes, and spare wheel in the trunk. Most materials are made of fabric which may tamper with sound wavelength.

To get rid of noise and excessive vibrations, you need to sound deaden your car. Here is how to make a subwoofer have more bass by soundproofing the car interior;

  • Target the floor since the floor mats and the carpet may have a higher impact on the sub sound.
  • Install the soundproof material around the roof because most roofs are made of fabric material.
  • Door panels also absorb most of the wavelength, preventing it from getting outside.
  • Sound deaden the trunk too but be careful with the door spaces.

Siless liner 157 mil is the best car sound deadening material. It has closed cell foam and a heat blocker. Further, it’s lightweight for the car interior.

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7. Roll Down the Windows and Open the Sunroof

When the bass strikes harder, the sound waves will go out easily with open windows.

To prevent excessive wind from blowing and affecting the engine performance, leave a little space on the windows.

You can leave the sunroof open provided it’s not winter season. You wouldn’t want to freeze trying to gain street attention.

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8. Properly Tune the System

The last tip on making sub louder is properly tuning your system. Play around with the system to get the exact sound you need.

However, you should be very careful to balance the bass and your audio.

  • Set your amp’s gain.
  • Adjust the subs gain and low-pass filter.
  • Adjust the subsonic filter and the bass boost.
  • Finally, match the receiver volume with sub-level.

Play with the knobs until the distorted sound turns clear and louder from the outside. But be careful to note the maximum sound your receiver can deliver.

FAQs on Car Subwoofers

Are Subs Louder with the Windows Down?

When you roll down the windows, air circulates better, allowing the sound waves to leave the car. Your subwoofers will be louder from the outside.

A subwoofer works best with windows rolled down if laid on the rear seats with cones facing the roof. Unfortunately, you’ll have to bear with the wind if the car is in motion.

How Do I Make My Sub Sound Deeper?

If you’re an audio master, practice these 5 simple tips;

Clear the distortion.
Flatten the Sub signal
Play with the gain and low-pass filter.
Set bass boost and subsonic filter
Match receiver volume with subwoofer level.

Which Direction Should a Subwoofer Face?

You should set your subwoofer facing the target listening direction. Placing the subwoofer facing the truck door will give the best results when the car is in motion.

How to make subs louder outside the car is simple. Keenly choose the location and direction of the cones. 

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