How to Make Car Speakers Sound Better

Not many gear heads will sit and discuss how to make car speakers sound better. Their talks are about muscle engines and general car handling capability.

A good sound is more of a journey than a destination. It’s more of an adventure. But not with a factory stereo system.

Don’t get me wrong. Modern cars come with flawless stereos, unlike the earlier models. But if you keenly inspect them, you’ll notice there is always a large room for improvement.

If you have a true love for music, you know that these factory systems leave much to be desired. Thankfully, you’ll learn tips to turn your car into a traveling and listening room.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make this difference. Hell no! Unless when you hadn’t learned how to make door speakers sound better in the past.

All you’ll do is improve your car interior and upgrade a few of the system components. Read on to apprehend a few tricks.

How to Make Car Speakers Sound Better
Car music speaker

How to Make Car Speakers Sound Better

A car audio system isn’t complicated. Maybe, understanding the best car audio settings will thoroughly address your problem. But you can go an extra mile to;

1. Get Rid of Factory Speakers

Adding higher-quality aftermarket features can make a significant difference on your ride.

Frankly, factory audio has gotten better with technology. But car speakers seem to be the last components automakers think of.

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Swap all the car speakers for a higher quality set for a music boost. Old vehicles may have quality speakers, but they wear out with time. You shouldn’t confine yourself to those old devices.

Choosing speakers that match manufacturer dimensions make the DIY task easier. It’s just a matter of plugging and playing.

2. Upgrade the Receiver

To have the best sound waves, you need an improved signal. Unfortunately, a factory receiver will not serve you best in the audio output.

Most receivers that come with cars have low power in the audio output. A quality receiver like the P.L.Z MP-800 will come with a reliable digital to analog converter. The DAC takes data signal from a storage device and converts it to audio.

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The better the receiver, the higher the audio quality and bass.

3. Add an Amplifier

The automakers have advanced by adding an inbuilt amplifier to the receiver. But it produces less power to make your speakers boom.

Adding an amplifier will make your audio sound better in the cabin. More so, if you choose a two channel amplifier.

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The amp will power the standard speakers, and the dedicated channel will power the subwoofer if you decide to install one.

An inbuilt amplifier will supply less power to the subs and the tweeters. If truly music is your drug, then go for an additional amp.

4. Add Subwoofers

Multiple subwoofers in a ported box provide ample surface for the sound waves. Moreover, they balance the audio with your standard speakers.

Set your subwoofer around the cargo area with the cones facing the trunk door. The subs will release a longer wavelength that will amplify back into the cabin.

Luckily, sub-woofers are the best car audio set up for sound quality.

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5. Have high-Quality Music Files

Having the best sound speakers for bass and sound quality with low-quality music files will never produce results.

Compressed mp3 file data misses some quality details for digital signal. Use less compressed audio files.

Yes, higher compression will create more space in your storage device. But you’ll never get quality sound from your system. It distorts even with the best device settings.

6. Use the Best Connection

Nowadays, we go wrong using our smartphones as the car system connection. Traditionally, we connected phones using an eighth-inch auxiliary cable.

In modern phones, we use Bluetooth technology. Thanks to the inventors.

However, many people don’t understand that Bluetooth further compresses the music data files. Anyway, to be precise, Bluetooth and auxiliary cables limit the audio.

Both are designed for small devices like earphones. Your newly upgraded digital-analog receiver will not give you the best with a mobile phone.

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7. Sound Dampen the Car

You may go wrong if you upgrade the system but fail to sound deaden your car. Road noise is the worst with the car interior.

Other motorists hoot at you, which is a good communication strategy. Wheels come into contact with the road surface. And finally, the car engine produces around 40% of the cabin noise.

More so, if you drive a diesel engine, sound deadening the interior isn’t an exception. Diesel engines tend to be noisier.

Other items like fabric in the car disrupt sound waves. You may blame your system for nothing.

Using siless liner 157 mil as a sound dampening material will solve your problem. Target the following areas;

  • The engine – install the material around the car hood.
  • The floor – Install under the carpet.
  • The door panels – Inside the door panel is a space that may trap most sound waves. It can also allow outside noise to get inside.
  • The roof – most of the wind blows on the roof. The sounds may affect your music sound even after the system upgrade efforts.
  • The trunk – The trunk contains many items, including the tools and the spare wheel. Sound deadening the trunk and replacing its door rubber seals will improve the speaker sounds.

FAQs on Car Sound

Will An amp Make My Car Speakers Sound Better?

The work of an amplifier is to boost the music sound. Additional devices like the subwoofers give the best audio and bass.

How Can I Make My Door Speakers Sound Better?

Sound-proof the outer door metal sheet.
Soundproof the inner door panel
Ensure they have enough space for sound waves circulation.
Decouple the speakers from the door panel.

Why Do Subwoofers Smell?

New subwoofers smell when the sound coils heat up for the first time. Usually, the excess glue on sound coils burns on the first use.

What Hz is Best for Bass?

As recommended by professionals, the best HZ for bass is between 60 and 250. Thankfully, if you know how to make car speakers sound better, you’ll improve the music at a minimal cost. 

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