How to Eat Cereal in the Car

Packed schedules are often inevitable and can push you to miss your meals. Fortunately, cereal is an ideal snack to kick-start your morning,

especially if you are in a hurry or want to eat on the go. But again, how to eat cereal in a car matters a lot.

Nobody wants to mess up their clothes after eating on their way to work. More so, this calls you to find an easy, workable way to enjoy your cereal.

Don’t worry; this writing will walk you through how to eat cereal in the car. It will give you tips and tools to use and stay tidy while on the go.

How to Eat Cereal in the Car

1. Mix your cereal

An excellent way to prepare a healthy cereal is to throw in little extras. Bananas, nuts, and berries are beneficial and nutritious if added.

The size of the bowl you use to set up your cereal will depend on your appetite. Don’t confine yourself.

How to Eat Cereal in the Car

That aside, select your milk and pour it inside the bowl. Add your cereal and stir.

Be watchful of the texture since you will be eating while in the car. You can add wheat or corn starch to increase the cereal’s hardness.

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2. Select the eating bowl

Do you often dash out of the house only to realize you didn’t prepare your kids’ cereal?

A portable cap called a crunch cup lets you enjoy your cereal while on the go. Its genius design saves you time. It allows you to munch your cereal combination without bothering about its preparation.

The best part is that the crunch cup is cost-effective and prevents your cereal or milk from spilling on the car’s seats or dashboard.

A crunch cup comprises of two container chambers (a larger cup and a smaller cup) and a lid. The larger cup fits into the smaller cup. More so, both have open holes to put your milk and cereal.

The milk and cereal don’t mix unless you want to pour them into your mouth. This ensures you take little bites in a breeze. Also, the cereal doesn’t get soggy.

3. Utilize the cup holder

According to Ford’s research, over 50% of drivers use cup holders to hold beverages or snacks. The good news is that crunch cups can fit in most car cup holders. A cup holder is utilized defines how to eat cereal in a car.

But again, drips of milk can mess the cup-holder compartments. It is advisable to place a cupcake wrapper inside the cup holder when eating cereal in the car.

This helps catch most of the spillage when you move over bumps or navigate a corner.

The wrapper makes cleaning more manageable since it is disposable after wiping spillages.

You can use a foam block to hold the cup in place if the cup holder is larger. Be sure to cut out the form to fit in the holder nicely and tight.

4.    Eat at your own pace

Contain yourself. It is often easy to mess the car while eating cereal with milk on the go. Use a large spoon to shovel in the cereal if you use a bowl.

After you finish, drink the milk at the bottom. Ensure you use a napkin in your laps.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cereal Eating while Travelling

How many grams of cereal does a crunch cap hold?

A crunch cup outer chamber can hold about 12 oz of liquid and 364 ml of cereal. You can adjust the amount of milk at will.

What do I do if I dislike eating cereal with milk while in a car?

Go for a cereal bar. It has a sandwich-like shape and contains energy and nutrients like a regular milk and cereal mixture.

The best thing about cereal bars is that you can hold them with one hand and eat while doing other activities in a car.

Can I incorporate add-ons besides milk in my crunch cap cereal?

 Of course, you can add whatever add-on to your crunch cup cereal.

How do you control milk flow in a crunch cup while on the go?

Put your finger over the lid’s breather or cover the milk spout with your lower lip to control the milk-cereal ratio while eating.

Learning how to eat cereal in the car helps you avoid messing the seats and embarrassing yourself. Now, you don’t have to miss your cereal snack or wait until you get to the office.

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