How to Clean Upholstery Stains in a Car

How to Clean Upholstery Stains in a Car

Cleaning upholstery never was and never will be a fun part of automotive maintenance.

But many people don’t know that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated, as long as you’re armed with the right supplies.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to clean upholstery stains in a car and give you the steps for how exactly to go about it.

There are a lot of different stains that can be found on a car’s upholstery, from food stains to coffee stains to bloodstains. So, what’s the best way to get rid of them?

How to Clean Upholstery Stains in a Car

1. Cleaning Greasy Stains in a Car

Greasy stains are one of the most annoying things to see when they appear on your seats. But do they mean you need to replace your upholstery? No! If you can get to them early, greasy stains are pretty simple to clean up. 

Start with a wet cloth or paper towel and blot the stain out. If it’s still there, get some dawn dishwashing soap or Murphy’s Oil Soap, apply it directly to the stain, and then wipe with a clean rag. 

Next, you can try a little bit of olive oil to finish the job. If you’re worried about making a mess, lay a kitchen-sized garbage bag or old sheet under your seats.

You could also clean up the grease stain with paper towels and then wipe it with a small amount of olive oil.

Remember, the key is to get as much of the soiled material as possible before using any chemical cleaning agent.

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2. Cleaning Two-Tone Upholstery Stains

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where two different colored stains were on your car seats?

If so, the way to get rid of them is relatively simple. First, you’re going to have to assess which stain is more stubborn. 

Try using a damp cloth and blotting method with a bit of dishwashing soap.

You can then use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the stain, but make sure it’s dry before repeating the same process on the other stain.

If you’re still having trouble with both stains, you can mix up some dishwashing liquid and warm water in a spray bottle. Then, spray your stain with this mixture and leave it for a while.

Repeat this procedure until either one of the stains is gone for good. And remember to blot out the stain first before using any cleaning agent.

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3. Cleaning Blood Stains on Upholstery

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You’ve been driving around for hours, only to find bloodstains on your seats.

Well, it is not something you want to deal with, but don’t panic. There is a method to clear the mess. 

If you look at the stain carefully, you’ll see that there’s some dried blood mixed in with it. This dried blood serves as a good starting point for getting rid of the stain.

Use a cloth or paper towel and blot out as much of the dried blood as possible. You can then clean up any residue that you’ve left behind with some dishwashing soap and warm water.

After the dried blood is gone, you will see red spots on your seat. These are stains from the actual blood itself, and they will need a bit more effort to get rid of them.

You want to use some diluted soap, warm water, and paper towels or cloths to wipe away the rest of the stain. 

If you’re still having trouble, try using some hair spray on the stain. It will act as a solvent and help to break down whatever has stained your car’s upholstery.

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4. Cleaning a Wet Stain in a Car

Most car owners know that it’s essential to be careful with food stains and other stains found on upholstery.

But what about those stains that result from spills? How should you handle them? Aren’t they pretty simple to clean up? Well, yes and no. 

There are some occasions where such stains can be very stubborn, and it takes time to clean them up. What do you do if you encounter such a stain?

If a spill has just happened, there’s a chance that you can clean it up before it’s dried. First of all, whether the stain is watery or greasy, blot it out with paper towels.

Then, take a small amount of your favorite dishwashing soap and rub it into the fabric itself. 

After that, use clean towels to wipe away any residue from your fabric. If you’re still having trouble, you can sprinkle a small amount of baking soda onto the stain and let it sit for a while.

The baking soda will break down the stain and help to get rid of it.

If the stain is not as easy to clean as this one, then don’t worry! You can take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe away as much as possible.

Then take some dishwashing liquid or hand soap and apply it directly to the stain. 

Don’t forget to blot out the stain and then use a clean towel or paper towel to wipe it all away.

You can also mix up some hair spray and water in a spray bottle, then apply that to the area. The hair spray will act as a solvent, breaking down whatever stain that’s on your upholstery.

FAQs on Clearing Stains in your Upholstery

1. Is there anything I can do about an old stain?

Try using a bit of paper towel to get rid of it. Also, you can try the method of sprinkling a small amount of baking soda onto the stain and letting it sit for a while.

2. What if I can’t remove a stain?

Then the best thing to do is take a wet cloth and wipe off as much of the stain as possible.

After that, try using a bit of dishwashing liquid or a dab of hand soap on it. If it’s not going away, then you can try spraying your stain with hair spray.

3. How much dishwashing liquid should I use?

You can use about a teaspoon or so of dishwashing liquid for every cup of water you put in the bowl.

Just make sure that you’re not splashing too much water onto your fabric. If it’s not working, then try using a bit more soap.

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