How to Clean Microfiber Car Seats

Knowing the how to clean microfiber car seats determines if they will stay presentable for long or wear out. Microfiber fabric is durable besides being attractive. But again, drinks, food, pets, and kids can mess it up, leaving permanent stains.

The interior of a car isn’t something you clean every day. More so, a thorough cleaning is vital occasionally, or when you want to get rid of tough stains or stench. Unfortunately, there are many products you can use, but some are unreliable.

The good news is you can clean microfiber seats and leave them looking and smelling as good as new. Read on to learn how to clean microfiber car seats like a pro.

how to clean car seats at home without vacuum
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How to Clean Microfiber Car Seats : Step by Step

1. Sprinkle baking soda

Start by sprinkling baking soda on the microfiber seats and leave it to rest for about 20 minutes. This will absorb moisture and remove any odor. Vacuum the upholstery to collect dirt and the baking soda.

You can use a crevice scraper to reach debris further in the seats’ padding. Achieving this will make the rest of the cleaning job breezier.

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2. Pre-treat stains

Ground-in dirt like grease can leave lasting marks on microfiber seats. Pre-treating stains is the best way to ensure you restore the microfiber seats’ look after cleaning. It would be best to use a little upholstery cleaner and a soft bristles brush for the job.

Pour the solution on the stain and leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing. If you want to clean dye-based stains that transfer color to the seat, mix a few drops of water and dry oxygen-based bleach.

Spread the mixture over the stained area and wait for about one hour before vacuuming the area.

You can repeat the process if the stain seems tough. Observe caution to avoid scratching the upholstery surface.

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3. Apply upholstery cleaner solution

After removing the stain, put the upholstery cleaning solution and warm water in a spray bottle.

Be sure to follow the cleaning product’s directives. Avoid using powder detergent, hot water, or fabric softeners to prevent ruining the microfiber seats.

Apply the solution to the microfiber seats, starting from the top going down. Don’t over-saturate the fabric. Dip a cleaning cloth in the cleaner solution and wring it out. Be sure it won’t damage or discolor the seats’ microfiber surface when you scrub.

You can still use a soft brush to rub the dirt. If the cleaning cloth or brush gets soiled, rinse it with clean water and continue rubbing.

You can also use a dry foam shampoo cleaner to wash the seats since it washes with less water. It comes with built-in brushes to make cleaning upholstery easier.

Afterward, ensure you wipe excess moisture from the fibers. If the microfiber seats have a layer of grime, it will be best to clean it a few rounds.

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4. Allow the seat to dry

It is prudent to give the seats time to dry well. Park the car in a sunny location with the doors open. This can take an hour or two, depending on the weather.

If you need to dry faster, use a portable fan to blow air over the seats. Also, if you still feel dumpiness on the seats, you can place moisture-absorbing crystals on them to trap the moisture.

Afterward, add a protective coating on the fiber to prevent stains and dirt from settling. This will be crucial to make cleaning easier next time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning Microfiber Car Seats

How do you disinfect car seats after cleaning?

0.5% sodium hydro chlorite (NaCIO) or ethanol with 70% alcohol is ideal for disinfecting car microfiber seats.

Does shaving cream clean car seats?

On average, you can use dry-free shaving cream to clean the seats. Apply it on the upholstery and rub the dirt or stains with a clean towel. Use a clean, dry towel to rinse residue on the surface.

Can I clean car seats with rubbing alcohol?

In general, you can safely clean a car’s microfiber seats with isopropyl with at least 70% alcohol.

Can you clean stains on microfiber car seats with vinegar?

You can clean the stained seats with vinegar by mixing one cup of vinegar, water, and dish soap. Spray the mixture on stains and scrub before rinsing the spot with clean water. Dab it with a clean towel to absorb excess moisture.

What can I use to clean stained leather seats?

You can use nail polish remover, non-gel toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, tartar paste, or vinegar to clean leather seats.

How you clean microfiber car seats impacts how long the upholstery will stay. All said and done; it is wise to keep towels under the seats when eating in the car.

If possible, use sealed cups to prevent spillages when drinking beverages. Overall, prevention is better than cure. Ensure you do a detailed cleaning of the seats every few months, depending on how soiled they become.

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