How to clean headlights with Coca-Cola

How to clean headlights with Coca-Cola is popular for people seeking to get rid of foggy and yellowish headlamps. The technique is effective and goes a long way to save expensive trips to the garage.

Yellowish headlights are a real worry when driving in dark or cloudy weather. Silicone oils can seal the glass and dissipate over time, lowering the tensile strength.

Fogginess then occurs when debris and hard water residues stick on the surface of your car headlights, making them unclear.

The good news is that you can quickly restore your vehicle headlamps’ clear brilliance through a simple procedure that involves using Coca-Cola. The process has been proven viable at removing road film and oxidation.

Stick along to learn how to clean headlights with Coca-Cola and restore their efficiency.

using coke to clean headlights

How to clean headlights with Coca-Cola

Why use Coca-Cola to clean headlights?

Coca-Cola contains 5–70 mg of phosphoric acid for every 100 ml. The soda’s acidity helps dissolve the film or the layer of grime that accumulates with time. It also helps to leach out impurities, giving the lens a deeper cleanse.

Phosphoric acid has excellent cleaning properties and is suitable for removing oxidation and hard water residues. Even better, phosphoric acid is gentle on delicate surfaces like glass and plastic, hence no damage risks on your headlights.

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How to remove headlights oxidation with Coca-Cola?

 Start by wiping the dirt from the headlight lens with a microfiber cloth. Use automotive shampoo soap for a thorough wash. Be sure to wait for the surface to dry.

Afterward, apply the Coca-Cola drink to the headlight lens. Be careful not to stain the paintwork. You can pour the Coca-Cola into a spray bottle or soak it on a sponge before applying it to avoid spillages.

It will be best to leave it to rest for about 10 minutes on the headlight before wiping it with a clean cloth.

Ensure you clean the Coca-Cola residue with warm water and automotive shampoo. If the fogginess doesn’t come off, repeat the process until the headlights gain the desired shine.

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How to remove headlights oxidation with Coca-Cola?
Clear Headlight

How to clean foggy headlights with Coca-Cola?

Jumping off, choose the ideal Coca-Cola variation to use.

The original Coca-Cola will be the best since it is less sticky and thus won’t take much time to clean. Park the car outside if you intend to work on the headlight in winter.

With that out of the way, clean the highlights’ surface with a microfiber towel to remove dust particles. Use a spray bottle to apply the Coca-Cola. This will prevent the solution from reaching the car’s surface. It will also give you control over how much Coca-Cola you will use and avoid wastage.

Afterward, wipe the headlights in circular motions with a microfiber gently. Use more pressure on spots with stains while reapplying Coca-Cola.

Spray the headlights with clean, warm water to remove sugar residue and wipe in one direction with another clean towel. Achieving this will help remove traces of Coca-Cola that can damage the lens and be challenging to wash off later.

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How to clean foggy headlights with Coca-Cola?
Clean headlight

How to clean headlights with a headlight restoration kit

Cleaning headlights with a restoration kit is more time-saving and efficient than Coca-Cola. The kit comes with a pre-mixed solution but may require professional tactics like buffing, sanding, or removing the lights’ lenses.

The best part is you can work around with the headlight solution on your own. More so, it will remove the hazing, oxidation, and cloudiness, restoring the lights’ condition.

Some ideal headlights restoration kits you can use include:

Sylvania headlight restoration kit: It comes with a surface activator and waterproof sandpaper (three sheets). It also has UV protection compounds.

3M headlight restoration kit: It comes with a power drill, foam buffing disk, three sanding discs, and a buffing solution.

Chemical guys headlight restorer: It has microfiber cloths, a sandpaper

Mothers NuLens headlight renewal: It has a foam polishing ball, three restoration discs, a disc-holder drill attachment, and plenty of materials for subsequent applications.

Cerakote Ceramic headlights restorer kit: It comes with oxidation remover wipes, pre-moistened ceramic coating wipes, surface preparation discs, and material for subsequent applications.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning Headlights

How can you prevent headlights from getting foggy?

Cleaning the headlights often with automotive shampoo is the best way to keep off chemicals that promote fogginess. Ensure you polish them with a non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratches after washing.

What are the advantages of cleaning headlights with Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola is cheap and easily accessible. It is ideal for removing rust and is usable for cleaning metal surfaces.

Can you clean headlights with WD-40?

WD-40 is an effective substance you can use for a quick fix on your car’s headlights. You only need to clean the lens thoroughly and splay the WD-40. Ensure to wash out the WD-40 since it can leak into the headlight bulbs and burn them.

Should I wax headlights?

Waxing the headlights adds a layer of protection that keeps debris from sticking on the headlight’s surface. The wax also helps maintain a nice shine on your car’s headlights.

Do headlight refinishing kits clean headlight lenses?

Headlight refinishing kits remove built-up oxidation and residues on a car’s headlights. Ideally, the kits may not leave your headlights looking brand new, depending on the product you use, but they do a decent job of getting rid of cloudiness.

How do I use baking soda to clean my car’s headlights?

Baking soda revamps deteriorated plastic on the headlights. To use baking soda, add it into a clean rag damp with water to form a thick paste. Rub the paste on your headlights and let it rest for 5-10 minutes before cleaning it off with warm water.

Although cleaning headlights with Coca-Cola is effective, it only offers a temporary solution. Consider leveraging a headlight restoration kit if you want a durable solution that can last at least another 500 hours.

You can also consider going for a complete replacement of the headlight if the fogginess and yellowing are persistent.

Achieving this will restore the light beams to their original state and save you the hassle of using Coca-Cola or seeking the help of a professional every time your headlights get dim.

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