How to Carry Car Keys

Although we leave other keys in the car, we always walk with the car keys. Especially in the modern era that automobility is growing daily, car keys have become part of us.

However, car keys can be frustrating to move around with them. But either you love or hate them, your daily activities force you to stay mobile. Here is a guide on how to carry car keys.

Traditionally, keys have been carried in pockets and bags. In the modern days, bags carry items that key scratches can quickly degrade.

Some ladies’ outfits have no pockets nowadays. I hope you know. On the other hand, neither the running attires have pockets.

Why Carrying Car Keys in Pockets is Frustrating

How to Carry Car Keys
  • They make a weird noise

Multiple car keys or a key with other items in the pocket can give weird sounds. As you move, keys make some grinding noise that may be unpleasant.

  • Scratching other valuables

You wouldn’t want to keep your smartphone in the same pocket with your car keys and find the screen scratched.

  • Damages the pocket and gnaws the pants

Keys have sharp teeth that may tear the pockets and gnaw your pants. At this point, you risk losing them on the way once they drop from the pocket.

  • Injures your thighs

A key with sharp teeth will eventually injure your thigh after it gnaws your pants. Especially when running, you pose a higher risk.

  • Bulge on the Pockets

Nowadays, some keys are set with a remote, which may bulge inside your jeans pocket. You wouldn’t want to have some bulging pockets while heading for a date or a special occasion.

  • Hard to access

Keys in the bag or pocket with other items can be hard to access, especially when you’re in a hurry.

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best way to carry car keys

Best way to carry car keys

This article will guide you on the best way to carry car keys to save you from much stress. Most people have struggled to figure out how to carry car keys without pockets.

And because the world has gone pocketless, let’s dive in;

1. On wrist with a hair rubber band

If you have struggled with carrying multiple car keys, a hair rubber band can save you, especially while running. Other times you may be at a party, where we tend to lose valuables when we get high.

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Just tie your multiple keys on the hair rubber band and wear it on the wrist. It’s even less noticeable if you wear long-sleeve clothing.

2. Store them in the bra

For ladies, storing car keys in the bra is the best way to secure them. Most sports bras have pockets that can secure your car keys. If you are on other occasions, some regular bras have pockets too.

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3. Water bottle with pocket

A water bottle is a large item that isn’t easy to lose compared to car keys. Luckily, most water bottles have pockets you can store your car keys.

4. Tie them on a pants elastic string

If you take a walk or run during the weekend, you can tie your car keys on the waist with your pants string. Although they may make some noise if they are multiple, they remain secure.

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creative ways to carry keys

5. Pin then on your short

Using a secure locking diaper safety pin, secure your car keys around the waist while running. This method may cause noise too, but they remain safe.

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6. Store them in the socks

For men, they can store car keys in long socks. Just insert the key in the socks and lower your trouser. You can attend your official meeting, and no one may notice.

However, find some tricks to take it out while unlocking the car. You wouldn’t want to answer the truth or dare questions from your friends or colleagues.

7. Tuck them in the armband phone holder

If you have an armband phone holder, you can tuck your car keys in and carry on other activities. The armband cell phone holder is very comfortable for the skin, and the key may not compromise it.

8. Tuck them in the winter gloves

We all wear winter gloves during the cold season to warm our hands. You can tuck your car key in the glove if you don’t carry a bunch. One or two keys may not cause discomfort.

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9. Have a Car Key Wallet

If you’ve been thinking of how to carry multiple car keys, a car key wallet can solve your problem. A car key wallet is the best option for official occasions.

It protects keys from scratches and dust. They have zip to secure the keys, and usually, they come with a trigger snap hook that you can attach to one of your belt loops. Then, you can wear a coat to cover your wallet, and you are good to go.

FAQs on Car Keys’ Safety

How Do You Protect Yourself With Car Keys?

You can hold your car keys in a certain way during the night to act as a protection mechanism if attacked. Here are simple tips;

Place the key on your palm and let it protrude vertically between your fingers facing outside.
Hold the key with your thumb as if you are prying a door to open.
Set the key as if you are about to bang a hammer against an object.

It’s always good to have some self-defense ideas but don’t try to get involved in violence.

Should You Keep Keys in the Door?

Don’t leave your car keys on the door. It’s a higher risk since car theft is increasing in modern days. Don’t leave it inside the car if you have a spare key.

Burglars may peek through the window and break it to access the keys. Always store your car keys in a safe place.

How Do You Carry Multiple Sets of Keys?

A key wallet will be the best option because you arrange the keys organized. They have a zip to protect them from damages and dust. It’s the best method to carry car keys, especially for men. 

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