How to Break Car Glass With Salt

Do you know how to break car glass with salt? A handcuffed thief proved it, with many left wondering how a simple table salt would break a car glass.

He demonstrated to the police and the crowd how he carried out the exercise to steal from parked cars.

Traditionally, spark plugs ceramic has been used to break car windows. This is a well-proven method of breaking small shards from the ceramic and throwing them by aiming at the window.

Several circumstances would force you to break a car window. Maybe you accidentally locked in your car keys, you lost the keys on the way, in the event of a fire, or kids locked themselves in the car.

In all these circumstances, we find ourselves confused about what to do about it. On the other hand, cases of burglars stealing laptops and other valuables from cars have been on the rise.

Many people wonder how thieves steal from their cars by breaking windows without noticing. In this article, I will walk you through how to break car window without noise.

How to Break Car Glass With Salt

How to Break Car Glass With Salt
Car window

What do thieves use to break car windows? Several known methods have been traditionally used to break car windows.

However, the salt method has amazed many people.

A video has been trending online showing police holding a hand-cuffed thief. The thief was identified for an extended period breaking into parked cars and stealing valuables.

When confronted, he demonstrated how he uses salt and saliva to break a car window silently. The onlookers believed after proving the act, but many people online have argued it’s just a myth.

According to most people, the thief may have tricked the policeman and the crowd with ceramic shards. Many have claimed no clear evidence that a mere salt can break car windows.

Steps to Break Car Glass With Salt
Car rear window

Steps to Break Car Glass With Salt As Per The Video Above

If you are caught up in an emergency, you can try the method to confirm if it’s effective.

Step 1: Take a handful of table salt

In the video, the man takes a handful of alleged salt. Regarding the onlookers witnessed and proved the act, then we believe it’s just simple table salt.

Step 2: Wet the salt with saliva in your mouth

The man is seen wetting the alleged salt with saliva in his mouth. With no clear explanation on the reason to add salt. Let’s hope it was to hold the sodium chloride particles together.

The saliva may have softened the particles also to reduce the noise during the impact.

Step 3: Throw the salt particles aiming at the glass

After wetting the salt, the man throws the particles with great force aiming at the nearby car window. And upon coming into contact with the glass, the salt particles eventually shattered it.

The wet particles are observed sticking on the shattered glass. It’s clear evidence that the saliva was capable of softening and holding them together.

Step 4: Slightly push the shattered window

The man slightly pushed the shattered glass from the outside, and it fell off. The experience was shocking.

Unfortunately, the video clip ends where the thief pushes the glass without explaining how he learned the trick.

Additionally, he never revealed how the sodium chloride and saliva mixture reacts and accomplishes the malicious act.

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Can Salt Crack a Windshield?
Car window

Understanding the Auto Glass Composition

Apart from the windshield, all other car glasses are made of tempered glass, also known as safety glass.

It’s manufactured through a process known as tempering. It undergoes heating the glass and later rapidly cooling it.

For safety, the inside part of the glass is set under a state of tension. The outer area is set under compression. Designing the glass in that manner causes it to shatter from the outside when it encounters an impact.

Ceramic is used to break the window due to its sharpness. It aims at the outside of the glass, which has greater compression and hits with force, causing it to shatter.

The automakers believe the glass is safer when it shatters than breaking. Small granular glasses are less likely to injure the car occupants by piercing or cutting their skins.

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Can Salt Crack a Windshield?

During winter, salt is sprinkled on roadways to melt ice. When driving, this salt may get stuck into tire thread and crystallize.

With time, the salt dries, and when the wheels spin, it breaks loose and goes flying. If the crystal is hard enough, it can ruin your windshield.

You can carry out the following tips to protect your windshield during winter;

  • Avoid driving behind a gravel truck or at a close distance behind other cars.
  • Drive at a slower speed.
  • Ensure your car wheels are checked and cleaned regularly.

What Instantly Shatters Glass?

Any hard object hit against a car glass with force can shatter it. There are well-known methods used to safely break a car glass without noise or causing harm. Take a look;

  • A spark plug ceramic.
  • Using ninja rocks
  • Using a hammer

Choosing the safest method to break a car’s glass is essential. Especially when there are people inside, you should be very careful not to injure them.

A spark plug ceramic is well known to be light and performs the exercise perfectly.

FAQ on Car Window Breakage

How Do You Break a Car Window Without Tools?

Pull the headrest out of the front seats if you don’t have tools inside the car.

Take the metal pegs out of the headrest and jam it inside the door panel.

Aim at the area that the window rolls down or up and push it down to its maximum length.

Then, apply force to the metal by pulling it towards the inside, and the glass will shatter.

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How to break car glass with salt has remained mysterious to many people. But if you try and prove it’s a fact, many people may be convinced about it. It would be the quietest and safest way to break a car window

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